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This page was last updated on november 6th of the year 2001

Ok so now that you're here you can check out links, my info, Other pages made by me, learn how to contact me, sign my guestbook or answer the legendary question "Why is this guy's nick sharky?? Who the hell is sharky??". Ok so enjoy and remember to send any suggestions to any of my e mails!! And remember that you can allways come back here by clicking on the "Main" Link.

And I will give a very big reward to anyone who can find the hidden Björk pic on this page.....so what are you waiting for???....millions and millions of dollars could be yours!!

Special thanks to the guy from a Beatles fan page from which I stole the script you have just seen

Note: Actually....I won't give anyone any money for finding the pic so just do it for the fun! :)

fight for formula1.com!

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